For introductory purposes, I should answer these basic questions about this blog:

Who? I am a follower of Jesus Christ who has been blessed beyond measure. I have a family that I dearly love. I know a Savior that meets both my eternal and temporal needs. I serve in a community that is needy. At the same time, it is a privilege to live in a place that is so inviting that many families save up all year in order to spend just a week here. I pastor a church that consists of brothers and sisters who are striving to become more like Christ. If you care for more details, you can click my profile.

Why? I’m opinionated. Those that know me well may consider that a momentous understatement. This morning, while reading the side of my venti, non-fat caffe latte, I was compelled to interact with the statement in “The Way I See It #220.” Thus, a cup of coffee became the impetus for a personal blog.

What? This blog, as most others, is a medium that allows me to express my particular worldview. I am certainly an independent thinker with a theologically conservative perspective. More importantly, I hope to present a biblical perspective on whatever issues will be discussed. The name Trillseeker is obviously an adaptation of my surname. I have used it for some time as a username for geocaching and treasure hunting. In this setting, I hope to convey that all of us are seekers of some sort. Some search for fulfillment, satisfaction, or just peace and rest in a demanding world. Those answers are ultimately found in Christ. However, even as believers, we are on a journey and have not yet arrived. We are seeking those things that will make us more Christlike.