I’m going to share something about me that most of you do not know.

I used to be in a chess club. (I’m sorry if you were expecting something more shocking or exciting). You’ve probably never heard me speak about it, because it was a long time ago (middle school/junior high at Skycrest Christian School) and I don’t have any good stories. Although I enjoyed the game, I was never that good. No matter how many matches I played, it seemed that there was always someone one step ahead of me. In fact, in the middle of matches that I thought I had figured out, I would be rudely awakened by the reality that my opponent was seeing things I had missed. (Checkmate!)

Perhaps checkers is more your game. You know the feeling of a successful move. You eye the board’s layout. You spot the unprotected piece of your opponent. Confidently picking up your marker, you jump your opponent’s, and smugly pick up his captured piece.

Uh oh. Why does he have a grin on his face? Before you know what’s happened he is click-clacking another piece across the board picking up your pieces as he goes. Who knew that many consecutive jumps were even possible?

You never saw it coming!

And, thus, you learned the importance of looking ahead to your next move.

Imagine the situation facing the disciples. At Easter, we examine the reality and importance of the resurrection from our perspective of history. We read the Scriptures and examine the evidence. He rose from the dead. By faith, we accept it as fact. However, for the women who came to the tomb on the first day of the week, the experience unfolded moment-by-shocking-moment. For Peter and John, they first acted only on the testimony of those women. For Thomas, it was all hearsay for a while.

Plans were turned upside down. Fear seemed to strain at their faith. Doubts nagged at their hearts. Excitement was tempered by a measure of uncertainty. Sights and sounds wrestled with feelings and emotions.

For us, it is easy to read the Gospel narratives.

Resurrection. Appearances. Meals & conversations. Promises & assurances. A Great Commission. Ascension.

For those disciples, many of their next steps were unknown until they arrived. They were left to believe and obey what they had in any given moment. The same thing is true for us. We cannot see tomorrow. While we rest confidently in the promises and directions of God, there are still unknowns throughout life. Our is to trust and obey.

What’s next for you?

You made it to church on Easter. Great. Keep it up and make it a part of your regular schedule.

You’ve been¬†challenged about the reality of the resurrection and the need for others to hear it. Super. Now share it with someone. Watch what God will do with your obedience.

There is something on the horizon that introduces a bit of fear or doubt to your life. Tackle it with the confidence that wherever God directs you in this life, He also equips you and goes with you!

That’s Good News for God’s children.