Recently, I was halfway through a two-hour flight out of Tampa when our aircraft experienced an “incident.” I sensed our slow descent and heard the captain announce that we would be heading to Atlanta, instead of our destination, because of an indicator in the cockpit. He assured us that the issue with the hydraulic system should not concern us as plenty of backup measures were in place. Immediately the skittish family seated behind me began asking the flight attendants, “What’s wrong? What’s happening?”

During our descent, storm clouds caused us to encounter a few bumps of turbulence. Each new question from the nervous family grew in volume and pitch. Finally, the grandfather, apparently not a frequent flyer, declared to all who would listen, “I don’t care what anyone else is doing. I’m not going back up in one of these things. I’ll rent a car and drive 13 hours.”

After a short delay we were off to our original destination in a new aircraft – with four fewer passengers. I realized then that the perspective and experience of the passengers affected how each viewed that flight. The bumps that barely distracted me from my reading, likely kept one man from ever boarding another jet.

A similar truth is evident in our daily lives. When the storms of this life bring turbulence, we may look around and question what will happen next. We wonder why life has to be so jarring. Many strain against uncomfortable circumstances and nervously take matters into their own hands.

However, believers can live confidently because of our perspective. While we are limited by our human senses, we trust that an eternal God with an infinite viewpoint holds us firmly. Our salvation is secure in the hands of the One who has redeemed us. Our needs are met by a heavenly Father who loves us and is rich beyond measure. Finally, our glorious future is assured by His unfailing promises.

Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ: Philip. 1:6

Experience is another wonderful tool for God’s children. The psalmist recalled that he had never seen God’s children forsaken or destitute (Psa. 37:25). We live by a faith that is reinforced by our experience. Take a few minutes and remember God’s faithfulness in your life. Follow that recollection with a prayer of thanksgiving. That healthy habit enables Christians to look at life with hope and assurance. Even when life seems unsettled, we are secure in God’s infinite care.